Further solidifying their success in the region, VHQ Media has expanded into a stunning new flagship office in Singapore, a freehold purchase in the Apex @ Henderson complex.

This move was celebrated last Thursday with an industry launch party. It is another milestone as VHQ continues to expand its well-established operations to meet the booming demand for visual effects in Asia across all forms of media.

The new office space has been designed to meet the needs of both its clients and artists. The open and modern design of the new office provides a highly creative and inspirational environment that encourages interactivity and collaboration. It also includes significant capacity for future growth. When combined with the group, the Singapore facilities and team make VHQ one of the largest media companies in Asia.

It’s not only the interior of the new office that is impressive. The space comes with recreational facilities that include a futsal soccer court, basketball court, gymnasium and swimming pool, all of which provide a pleasant environment for clients and staff alike.

“Being in the creative business requires a focus on imagination. Creativity needs to be nurtured. With the lofty space at Apex, it was easy for us to imagine how the spatial design and environment could spur creativity and increase productivity. Our biggest asset is our people and it’s important that our team and valued clients work in the best possible space” said VHQ Singapore Country Head, Michael Tan.

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