Wolf Totem | 2015

狼图腾 | 让•雅克•阿诺

Wolf Totem is a film directed by Jean Jacques Annaud, based on a Chinese semi-autobiographical novel about the experiences of a young student from Beijing who finds himself sent to the countryside of Inner Mongolia in 1967, at the height of China’s Cultural Revolution. The author, Lü Jiamin, wrote the book under the pseudonym Jiang Rong; his true identity did not become publicly known until several years after the book’s publication. The film was produced by China Film Group and French-based Reperage. Jean Jacques Annaud had worked with animals on other films, and acquired a dozen wolf pups in China and had them trained for several years by a Canadian animal trainer. With a production budget of US$40 million, Annaud filmed Wolf Totem in Inner Mongolia, where the book is set, for over a year.

剧情介绍: 上世纪60年代,北京知青陈阵(冯绍峰 饰)和杨克(窦骁 饰)来到了内蒙古额仑大草原插队,加入了蒙古族牧民毕利格老人(巴森 饰)以及他的儿媳噶斯迈(昂哈尼玛 饰)一家的生产队,从此开始若干年的放牧生活。在与狼群的接触过程中,陈阵带着强烈的好奇,逐渐了解了这种动物,甚至有了想自己养一 只小狼的念头。蒙古人民崇敬狼,热爱草原,而汉人则功利地掠夺土地,这导致了狼群与人之间的“战争”。以场部主任包顺贵(尹铸胜 饰)为首的生产队最终发起了一场灭狼运动,让狼群和人类之间的关系陷入到了剑拔弩张的地步…… 自然与人的关系也遭遇了前所未有的挑战。

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