The Ghost Bride

The Ghost Bride | 2020

Production Co : Revolution Media and Netflix

Six part TV series

The Ghost Bride is a 6 part TV series created by Netflix Asia and Revolution Media in Malaysia. The story is set in the 1890s in colonial Malacca. Li Lan has been offered a marriage proposal from the wealthy Lim Family to become a “ghost bride” to their recently deceased son. Her family will be saved from a lifetime of debt, but she would have to spend the rest of her life being haunted by the Lim family’s son. Desperate to get out of this ghastly arrangement, she soon finds herself wrapped up in a murder mystery and embroiled in other-worldly affairs much bigger than she could have ever imagined.

VHQ was proud to create visual effects for 130 shots in this Netflix Asia series. Key sequences involved reproducing and extending the 1890s colonial Malacca set in CG. Other main sequences required modern item removal, matte painting and various set extension work. The eerie afterlife also presented a challenge in the creation of CG veins which crawl across actors’ faces, plus a CG half skull head, both of which required tight and accurate matchmove and inventive effects simulations.

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