The Garden of Evening Mists

The Garden of Evening Mists | 2020

Director: Tom Lin

Production Co: Astro Shaw, HBO Asia


This film adaptation of Twan End Tan novel tells the story of Yun Ling, a woman seeking closure to an experience she had in post-World War II British Malaya. She has survived a traumatic Japanese war camp but never forgave herself for escaping the camp whilst her younger sister remained and was killed. The Japanese destroyed any evidence of the camp after the surrender. To honour her sister’s wish to build a Japanese garden, she travels to the Cameron Highlands and becomes the student of a mysterious Japanese gardener, with whom a forbidden love relationship blooms.

As the sole VFX company to help director Tom Shu-Yu Lin put his vision on screen, VHQ was involved from the earliest pre-production stages in 2017. We took part in every step of the movie’s creation, from location recconaisance, pre-production, on-set supervision through to the final delivery of 240 invisible and seamless visual effects shots. From subtle yet intricate work on CG finger replacements using a blend of on-set practical effects with realistic CG hand renders achieved with on-set 3D scanning to historically accurate set extensions and full mine shaft explosion simulations, VHQ brought to life the poetic love story set against the backdrop of a war-ridden British Malaya.

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