Piggy Bing Bing | 2018

麦兵兵之夺宝联“萌” | 胡鹤译

This family movie tells the story of Mai Bing Bing, a determined pig who in order to save his village travels to the big city in search of a sacred sceptre that was stolen by a criminal gang who reside there. On the way, he meets and is assisted by a goose and cat who share a series of wild adventures on their quest to win back the sacred object from the gang who stole it away.

剧情介绍: 小猪麦兵兵为了拯救家乡来从原始部落来到现代都市寻找权杖,路上遇见大鹅布飞和猫届一霸恩迪哥,三“宠”齐聚,从最初的吵吵闹闹到后来的同甘共苦,一路磕磕绊绊但也不乏欢声笑语,在旅程中收获了满满的爱和友谊,开始了一场华丽的冒险旅程,最终成功找到权杖,点亮奇迹。

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