Legend Of The Naga Pearls | 2017

鲛珠传 | 杨磊

Once upon a time, in the city of Uranopolis, lived the Winged Tribe, a race capable of flying. But after losing a battle to humans, they gradually lost their ability to fly. Xue Lie, a royal descendant from the Winged Tribe, begins a search for the magical Naga Pearls in order to destroy the Human Tribe and avenge the death of his people. When Ni the thief, Gali the human prince, and Hei Yu the constable accidentally lay hands on a mysterious box containing the Naga Pearls, they find themselves hunted down by Xue Lie. After they have lost the pearls to Xue Lie eventually, they decide to team up and rush back to Uranopolis to thwart his evil plans.

剧情介绍: 《鲛珠传》是由杨磊执导的奇幻动作电影,该片为其首部电影作品,陈嘉上担任监制,王大陆、张天爱领衔主演,任达华、盛冠森、王迅、赵健等联袂主演。该片以九州大地为舞台,讲述了飞贼泥空空、捕快黑羽、王子赫力三人在寻找鲛珠的旅程中相互扶持、成长,并一同对抗野心勃勃的羽族后裔雪烈的故事。

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