诛仙I | 程小东

Adapted from Xiaoding’s novel of the same name, Jade Dynasty 1 is an ancient fantasy film, directed by Cheng Xiaodong and co-starring by Xiaozhan, Liqin and Meng Meiqi. It tells the story of an ordinary young man Zhang Xiaofan who enters the Qingyun Guild after experiencing a massacre in Caomiao Village and obtains a magic weapon – a fire stick, which draws him into the war between good and evil. Like most ancient fantasy films, it contains many VFX elements from cavernous underworld pits to heavenly cloud scapes and multiple CG characters and creatures. VHQ produced more than 1300 VFX shots, accounting for approximately one third of the total film.

剧情介绍: 《诛仙I》是新丽传媒有限责任公司出品的古装玄幻电影,由程小东执导,肖战、李沁、孟美岐领衔主演,唐艺昕特邀主演。该片改编自萧鼎同名小说,讲述了平凡少年张小凡经草庙村惨案拜入青云门,机缘巧合之下获得法器烧火棍,从而卷入正邪两道之间隐秘斗争的故事。作为一部古装玄幻类电影,影片中包含大量特效元素,逼真写实的场景与CG角色巧妙地与影片融为一体。VHQ共为影片制作了1300多个特效镜头,特效镜头基本上占整部片子的1/3左右。

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