Dir: Johannes Roberts

Prod Company: The Fyzz Facility / Entertainment Studios

This sequel to the very successful survival horror film “47 Meters Down”, directed once again by Johannes Roberts, tells the story of four girls on an outing to a remote location who decide to explore an underwater Mayan ruin. The dive takes a turn for the worse as they become disoriented and quickly realise they are also being pursued by sharks that have evolved in the darkness with limited vision but other senses heightened.

VHQ worked in association with Outpost VFX APAC to form a collaborative relationship as their preferred strategic partner in the region. Digital assets were provided by Outpost VFX in the UK and adjusted in shot by VHQ. VHQ created visual effects for 270 shots in the film with requirements ranging from full CG sharks, digital doubles, CG fish and water simulation effects to extensions of the underwater sets. The film was shot almost completely underwater which presented many technical challenges to the team, especially with the requirement to remove the film crew from most of the shots before other visual effects could be added.

Outpost’s VFX Supervisor, David Sadler-Coppard, said: “Partnering with the team at VHQ on 47 Meters Down: Uncaged was a pleasure. Working closely with our lead creatives they produced a fantastic standard of work and I’d be delighted to work with them again in the future.”

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