Executive Producer (Office Manager)

Kuala Lumpur
Posted 2 years ago

Job Description

  • Assume overall responsibility for the production management of the film office and team, working with the HR to maintain and grow the crew
  • Work closely with the VFX Lead, VFX Supervisor(s) and VFX coordinators to ensure on time and on budget delivery for all projects
  • Manage client interactions regarding schedules, quotes, change orders and meetings
  • Work with the VFX Lead and senior management to seek out potential new business opportunities and secure this for the company
  • Plan and schedule facility resources to specify the most optimal approach to every project
  • Report progress back to the senior management on a daily and weekly basis
  • Guide and mentor the VFX coordinators

What They Do

This position requires the candidate to be in charge of the production side of the VFX film team in our Kuala Lumpur office. In addition to this, they will be expected to be active in speaking to existing and potential new clients in the industry to bring in new business leads in both the regional and international market.

On a daily basis, they will also be responsible for working with the VFX Lead to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and on budget. It will be their responsibility to ensure the projects maintain profitability and report back to the senior management appropriately.

They will also be expected to assist the HR in managing the team’s reviews, resolving any conflicts or similar concerns or issues and helping to grow and develop the team.

What They Need

  • At least 5 years’ experience producing high-end film or TV visual effects projects
  • Significant experience with managing clients, bids, invoices and client meetings
  • A track record of bringing in new business via their client contact list
  • Be able to fully understand the client’s requirements and vision and work with our VFX Lead and Supervisors to help ensure that is delivered
  • Solid knowledge of the VFX production process
  • Flexible thinking and an ability to adapt to changing requirements and unexpected situations
  • A calm and mature personality, one that is able to defuse tensions and manage difficult situations
  • A good understanding of the wider film and TV production process
  • Up to date industry knowledge of production tracking systems and workflow tools
  • Any on set time, or production experience, is a valuable additional skill

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