FX Artist

Posted 5 years ago

The scene FX artist is responsible for all sorts of CG FX elements including granule, fluid, rigid, water, clouds, smoke, fire and explosion to meet the production needs of different shots. The character FX artist is responsible for simulating hair, cloth and cluster.

Job Requirements

  1. The ideal scene FX artist must have rich experience in dynamics simulation, hair, cloth and cluster and be at ease with at least two above fields and be proficient in main Maya workflow with experience in nCloth, Miarmy among other similar tools and software.
  2. Have a basic knowledge of render module and wrangle render related issues and be able to communicate with other departments.
  3. The ideal character FX artist must have rich experience in-depth knowledge of software workflow and be eager to face challenge with a clean-cut thinking and full of passion.
  4. Good inter-personal skills in communicating with FX supervisors and leaders, and finish FX tasks efficiently.
  5. Be good at learning and sharing new knowledge and have up-to-date knowledge of techniques and solutions within the industry.

Job Features

Job CategoryMid, Senior

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