Kuala Lumpur
Posted 1 year ago

Job Description

The compositors construct the final images by combining layers of previously-created content, including rendered computer images, effects, graphics, live action and static background plates.


Job Requirements

  1. Ability to make artistic judgements according to the Director’s or Supervisor’s instructions
  2. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  3. Extensive knowledge of current compositing software such as Nuke
  4. Strong team player; ability to work closely with lighters, look developers and effects artists to achieve the desired look for a shot
  5. A keen eye for composition, colour, lighting and shadows
  6. Good knowledge of keying, colour balancing, rotoscoping, image painting and correction techniques.
  7. Able to take direction and be willing to address constructive feedback
  8. Able to deliver work on schedule, and work calmly and efficiently under pressure


What can we offer?

VHQ offers a positive, creative environment where the leading effects artists are encouraged and supported to develop and produce challenging, cutting-edge work. We work as a collective, where excellence, expertise and expression are valued by all; where we collaborate with some of the world’s leading creative thinkers and produce work to which we are proud to put our name. If you want to be part of the VHQ story, please submit your application as an online submission via this website. If your candidacy is successful, you will be contacted shortly. If your application is not retained for this position, it will stay on file for future opportunities.

Please note that you must be able to provide a demo reel that illustrates your relevant artistic and technical experience that also includes the nuances for this specific role.

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