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Singtel/Chinese New Year 2017/Online

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Singtel Chinese New Year 2017

Commemorating the beliefs and values of our culture is what makes festivities like Lunar New Year special. As part of Singtel’s Lunar New Year campaign, the telco shares the story of the youngest member of a lion dance troupe and his journey to discover the meaning of family, joy and togetherness.

Shot entirely in Malaysia, the film required extensive clean-up of the city scape in order to replicate one that looks like Singapore’s. Some of the most difficult scenes to treat in Online include scenes of the performance which was shot in a outdoor but sheltered set. And to replicate a grand and roaring atmosphere, most of the skies in this scene had to be replaced, roofs, buildings and surrounding greenery had to be omitted and replicated.

As a symbol of Chinese New Year and good luck, the Lion Head was a key prop in the film. Its look, colours and actions played a pivotal part in the film, animating its winks and pumping up the film’s colours brought brilliance and a festive touch to this heart-warming film.


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