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The Asus Zenbook 3 is the other halve of the Asus project.

Directed by Noah Harris as well, the film was scripted for an online audience. It required a level of strong aesthetics that was impressive enough to captivate the imagination of a viewer. The film starts with a slightly odd scene – newspapers flying amidst an empty street lined with abandoned vehicles with no one in sight. The film continues with an ambiguous undertone until we see the first sight of people – Kids, rushing down the steps of a school bus, followed by a group of people who look like they were randomly put together, running in a basket court.

Emptiness then turns into chaos as the film reveals bigger herds of people moving in haste. Herein lies the biggest challenge of the entire film – demonstrating our ability to visualize in detail how chaos moves in slow motion. It required a great deal of vision, planning and detailing in pre and production. To achieve a believable scene, our team of VFX artists had to repeatedly asks ourselves and research - How do we create and evoke chaos in a controlled environment when chaos is the science of surprises, the nonlinear and the unpredictable.

As we were tasked with re-creating a scene of turmoil, the team dived into ideas that dealt with things that are effectively impossible to predict or control, like turbulence or the weather in order to replicate complex, chaotic behaviors and scenes in the Asus film. In the final film, almost all elements that were suspended in mid-air – from flying documents, to spilling milkshakes to hurling stationery were comped in to achieve this believable scene of suspended chaos.


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