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ASUS Transformer

The idea of ASUS Transformer is about how imagination could take over reality... How a powerful machinery like the ASUS Transformer would let you see things like you could only imagine – clearly, powerful imagery played a pivotal role in this production.

Shot in a high-speed camera track at around 50kph, Director Noah Harris’ vision was to bring about a ‘not quite-but almost frozen” moment to accentuate life’s spontaneity and authenticity, in which he hoped the audience could get lost in.

This hyper reality as he envisioned was going to be absolutely convincing to the human eye, but extraordinary as well - A finishing that could only be augmented with a team of post-production artists. The team’s biggest challenge was to design a way to bring surrealism into the commercial’s “real” world.

With only references, words and a creative mind, we had to actualize the hero’s (a.k.a. Noah’s) imagination and create what was not there, like it was real. This daunting task required a cohesive and communicative team. The online and CG team came together to crack the brief and undoubtedly brought to the table, a film we believe ASUS and Mirum will agree is unlike any other.

We achieved an exaggerated reality to a level where it looked real and seamless, without losing the distinct identities from 2 different eras– the golden, warm hues of The Renaissance against a dark, apocalyptic feel of the soldiers, in a confined room. The number of elements and layers; such as smoke, beaming lasers, reflections, shadows, moving lights, volumetric rays, etc… that were moving in a chain reaction, really pushed and challenged our technical and creative boundaries.

The project was also slapped with a tight timeline, and while we are experienced working with tight deadlines, the actual room for error is very small so eliminating a lot of mistakes at the get-go and visualizing it as good as it is finished was key for our VFX supervisor who was also on set to assist with the shoot.

For us, it has always been intrinsic to understand the product, target audience and the creative minds behind the idea...then work along those lines where a great idea converts into believable reality that sells the product on a higher level. And we’re glad that’s exactly what we did with ASUS Transformers.


CGI Color Grading Online VFX

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