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SK-II/SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence/VFX

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Genoptics Aura Essence

Genoptics Aura Essence is SKII's latest breakthrough in Whitening technology. It’s key message of this product is to communicate the technology of re-coding PITERATM with GenOptics Aura Complex, to deliver a higher efficacy to achieve a spotless glow from within the skin.

The VFX and Online team wrapped our heads around the end goal – how can we produce an easy to understand demo explaining the science and its result behind the technology. We came together to research elements that affects light - luminesce, reflection, rays, etc… From exploring lighting equipment for the set to lighting the product and its packaging.

The in-depth research paid off when we shot the seemingly simple “tunnel”. The lights and shadows on-set did not appear as we visualized but the team knew exactly the solution and albeit taxing, created 4 to 5 lighting set-ups and shot over 10 passes, each with a different path and timing using a motion control camera to achieve the client’s desired result. Proper prep also led to lesser post production clean up on the product. The extra tests we conducted on the product pre-shoot, helped the team identify the spectrum of green to pink light from the pearlescent bottle could only be reproduced under sunlight – a vital element of this product video. 


Color Grading Offline Online VFX

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