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UOB – Bicycle

UOB Private Bank continued to charm audiences with another two compelling narratives depicting the trust value proposition: “Bicycle” and “Grocery”. VHQ Media worked with renowned director and master storyteller David Tsui to bring his vision for this extension of the campaign to life.

The “Bicycle” spot was filmed during the late afternoons to dusks, and altered during post-production into a surreal and romantic night. The picturesque mid-70’s landscape with starry skies, fireflies, reflections in a tranquil lake, and a suburban town resting in the deep recess of the valley, all bathed in the soft glow of an enchanting moon, was digitally created with computer animations and matte paintings.

David wanted us to create the impression that the fireflies were lighting up the paths and leading the couple home. Extensive research was done to mimic the flights and flickering lights of the luminescent beetles. We also tracked the bicycle and added the beam to it as the young lovers tried to find their way home before the curfew.


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